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Illuha - Akari
CD Album
Released: TBC




Released: TBC | 5 track ambient album

Limited to 1000.

Illuha's long-awaited follow-up to their now out-of-print debut Shizuku.

This is their strongest work to date - There are a lot of small events happening in each of these pieces. Delicate and vulnerable, Very rich music, thanks to all of these instruments - many of which are from an electronic nature, not hidden away, but out in the open, making a great interplay with the acoustic instruments. Illuha play their music rather open and free, almost, it seems, improvised but going through various stages to get there, adding sounds to the tape. Quite a unique way of working, I should think. - Vital Weekly (NL)

Akari is the Japanese word for Light. Conceputally the duo used this word as a guide, as if they were searching through the dark, trying to keep the light alive, as if one is cradling a candle doing everything in their power to keep it alight in a storm. It is this almost visceral sense of sheltering, of protection, that gives Akari a very human and personal sound whose intensely deep focus is as impressive as it is arresting.