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Thirteen - The Bedroom Sessions
CD Album


The Bedroom Sessions

Milky Bomb Records

Released: 19th May 2014 | 5 track art & progressive rock ep

Milky Bomb Records Present...

'The Bedroom Sessions' E.P from Thirteen - it has finally arrived! A natural or slightly odd progression from the 'Degraded Jazz Tones' E.P, you can make up your own mind! This blend of jazzy-grunge/heavy rock (tiny bit of funk), with a dash of progressive POP will make you want to listen like an eager beaver. Warning: The hooks in this tightly mixed bag are in disguise.

Anyway, here's a little story to coincide with the release. Enjoy!

Behold the birth of a dirty baby. Billy tore a way in and met with the world that didn't care. Later the hollow man skulked, trailing a heavy scent, his dog dead, his coat new.

Shallow breath, hands tied, buttons loosened at the pleasure dome. A face to launch a thousand ships. There he met her brother yet only her lips could reveal what lay down the sheets. All but the diamonds in her head, his outfit still not complete.

Laying in a hospital bed now nearly dead. Scream god help me, don't leave me here, don't let me drown. Breathing's like a suppository and I'm washed away to insignificance on a wave and a prayer. Eating my words like vitamins, there's a turd in my drink.

Crossing higher and faster the sea and ending up at the bottom again. The tide came in and left him strewn like a whore. Billy left the sweet taste of innocence on the shore. He never forgot what he saw but still no one seems to care.

Chopped up and left on the desk, now we'll eat them, there's nothing else left. I thought you could be perfect but you ended up being unlisted, nondescript...

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"...a noise like you've probably never heard before... 8/10"
Colin Jackson, Loud Horizon, UK
"the black metal vocal sequences are quite something"
Captain Fidanza, Collective Zine
"...the mysteries behind their talents remain uncaptured."
Gavin Gaither, Creative Control Mag, Nashville, USA