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Dego - A Wha' Him Deh Pon? LP Sampler
12" Vinyl
Released: TBC


A Wha' Him Deh Pon? LP Sampler


Released: TBC | 3 track broken beat ep

4 hero main man Dego has a new 2000 Black album up his sleeve in the shape of A Wha' Him Deh Pon? which should get the heads excited. A little taste of what to expect is proffered via this three track drop which premieres three of the tracks from the aforementioned set. The A Side is dedicated to the fizz and snap that is Late Night Fright, all future boogie basslines spreading out over typically intricate beat programming and taut moog flourishes - you're gonna love the big piano chords that characterise the main section. On the flip the Love & Hate contains just as much boogie but applies it to a straighter bounce - leaving the vocalist Obenewa to shine. The bruk vibes return on the final entree Not In My Disco a delightful 23rd C instrumental soul swinger that is most reminiscent of 4 Hero.