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The Fontanas - Introducing The Fontanas

The Fontanas

Introducing The Fontanas

Soundbite Music

Released: 24th November 2008 | 5 track broken beat ep
The debut E.P, 'Introducing The Fontanas' is a case study in musical progression. From back-foot Brazilian grooves to funk-fuelled anthems that blow the doors off. With influences scattered across the globe, the music finds its roots in the foothills of Brazil and Jamaica, but defines its sound from its urban home in West London. Co-writers on this debut release include Andy Hughes, founder member of the Orb, (Little Fluffy Clouds) who recently mixed the Basement Jaxx studio album and shares 'Atlantic Jaxx' studios in Brixton where 'Ska'd for Life' and 'Skank' were co-written and mixed. Also appearing on the album is vocalist Heidi Vogel, who performs with The Cinematic Orchestra. The list goes on, but the end result is the same, a super charged album of tracks that aims to please. Press: Wonderful live. A testament to the act's diversity - XFM - Jim Gellantly The Fontana's are one of the most interesting bands on the live circuit at the moment, mixing strong musicianship with an eclectic range of styles. They have chosen to build their following through making a strong impact in the live arena, and I'm sure that this policy will pay dividends. Keith Harris - Stevie Wonder's manager + Director of Performer Affairs PPL