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Hack Tao - Love Soup
12" Vinyl
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Hack Tao

Love Soup

Musiques Hybrides

Released: 19th September 2005 | 6 track ep
The odyssey of Hack Tao began in 2001 when Maxx and DJ Smoove (formerly the Goats) met the French producers and artists of Musiques Hybrides, Olaf the Dog and Leonard de Leonard. After 3 years of working between Paris, Berlin and Philadelphia, Hack Tao is now ready to explode, wishing to transmit to the new generation that didn't have the chance to know the initial energy of Hip Hop. As in the roots of Hip Hop, Hack Tao is a mixture of sounds that one would think should not be together, but actually fit quite well. Hack Tao, as told by its name, acts like a hacker taking files from all the enabled servers, and takes its influence in many different music and bands (electro, rock, metal, classical, hardcore, hip hop, Public Enemy, Slayer, Cypress Hill, The Beastie Boys, The Clash, Assassin). The creativity of Olaf the Dog and Léonard de Léonard highlights the powerful and classical flow of Maxx, all of which creates an exceptional new sound for hip-hop today. Aware of the desperate political and social condition of today's world, Hack Tao wants to change the world for the better, fighting from the inside like a Trojan Horse; and this is just the beginning!!! Announcing the album 'Trojan war' (released in Autumn 2005), here comes the first Hack-Tao EP, 'Love Soup': - 'The Ballad of Hack-Tao' is a mixture of old school hip hop and blue grass: listen to the riff of guitar, you'll never forget it - 'Dover dead' is an hip-hop march against war Hip hop is begging for a new sound and a new spirit: Hack Tao right now!!!'
"This latest EP is remarkable, the pair's still-conscious flow getting busy over crisp production"
"The Ballad Of Hack Tao is a battle between blue grass pilfered guitars and a ravaging bassline, where retro harmonica dalliances and squeezing keys referee."
Jon Freer, Blues & Soul Magazine
"This is fabulous"
Ben Osbourne, DJ Mag
"including digital bass, flipped out seaside organs, steel guitars and lyrical resilience/randomness from Maxx. ****"
Matt Oliver, DMC Update Mag
"...a truly nutzoid mix of blue-grass and slamming PE style agit rap (think Urban Dance squad at their most Beefheart friendly)."
Neil Kulkarni, DJ Mag