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23Hz & Numaestro - Zumo

23Hz & Numaestro


2nd Drop Music

Released: 23rd February 2009 | 2 track dubstep single
Skream (Tempa/ Rinse FM) - Two deep bombs Breakage (Digital Soundbwoy) - Zumo's got a wicked vibe to it. BAD! Bunzer0 (Sub FM) - I love them! DJ support from Peveralist (Punch Drunk), Mary Anne Hobbs (Radio One), Sully (2nd Drop), Atki2 (Werk), Dave Q (Dubwar), Phillip Sherburne (Pitchfork/ Wire) and Rob Da Bank (Radio One) Review in ATM Magazine Jan 09 Issue: The ex-pat Barcelona-based production duo, 23hz & Numaestro, have a rich musical history, having mutated through hip hop, soul, drum & bass and techno, into dubstep via UKG. This, their third dubstep release, has echoes of their past adventures adventures with subtle influences creeping in amongst the sub bass. A-side 'Zumo' is moody; deep bass and loose beats punctuated with electronic effects and a filtered vocal refrain from a lost rave diva. 'Fantasmas' is hypnotic and other worldly, based around a wailing Mediterranean chant and saturated at either ends of the frequency spectrum with white noise and low, rolling bass. More quality sounds from 2nd Drop.