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Bobby Cole / Jazz Hip Trio - A Perfect Day/Bat Rock
7" Vinyl
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Bobby Cole / Jazz Hip Trio

A Perfect Day/Bat Rock


Released: 30th June 2008 | 2 track single
On the A side, recently covered by Paolo Scotti's Mop Mop, 'A perfect day' originally released in 1964 on Concentric records. Musical director for Judy Garland and house band for Franck Sinatra's legendary watering hole, Bobby Cole died a tragic death falling and cracking his head on a curb outside a New York Club where he had been performing. On the B side, we are back in France again to discover the obscure early sixties Jazz Hip-Trio (famous for the track ' Orange Boom ' ). On this second album, never released and never compiled, the track ' Bat-Rock' delivers a solid groove between Ramsey Lewis and Lee Morgan's Sidewinder, the soulfull piano is supported by a super rhythm section including one of the best French drummers : Daniel Humair.