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D-Felic - Praiseskisseslovetears and Smiles


Praiseskisseslovetears and Smiles

339 Records

Released: 7th February 2011 | 5 track broken beat ep
For this first EP (of 7) D-Felic invited spoken word artist Jimmy ‘Wordsworth’ Rage into his studio. Jamaican born artist and poet Jimmy Rage left NY and LA behind and finally found his luck in Amsterdam where he is now a part of the local spoken word scene. He contributed to the Erik van der Westen Quartet and you can hear him on the EP Love is Supreme: a tribute to John Coltrane (kindred spirits 2009) D-Felic’s hybrid productions, broken beats and warm analog synths merge wonderfully with Jimmy’s cloudburst of words which he delivers full passion and sharp on the edge. PRAISESKISSESLOVETEARS AND SMILES is free jazz of the future: a wide spectrum of styles, sometimes offbeat and rebellious but always intense and searching for soulful melodies and thrilling electro.