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Adebizi & Pikkupiru - Näil Mennää Mitä On

Adebizi & Pikkupiru

Näil Mennää Mitä On

3rd Rail Music

Released: 21st March 2014 | 9 track hardcore rap/hip-hop album

Abedizi started to write rhymes for fun in his home in Kannelmäki, Helsinki Finland in the year 2000. His first EP-release Abedizi & Konna Korvia myöten was in 2008.

Pikkupiru started his rap biz in the late nineties, in a group called Itä Puolen Cartelli. He has featured on many Finnish rap releases for example on the classic album Petos Toivo parasta pelkää pahinta. He has also toured from the start of his career doing his thing.