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Brothers Nylon - You Got A Tiger (feat. Shawn Lee)
7" Vinyl

Brothers Nylon

You Got A Tiger (feat. Shawn Lee)


Released: 28th October 2013 | 2 track funk single

The Brothers Nylon is a transatlantic allstar project set out to make musical adventures. Mike and Nick Rufolo (from NY) collaborate with legendary producer Shawn Lee and Mighty Mocambos' trombonist BGS (from LON) to create cinematic type tuneage with the freedom to overdub whatever you want – tracks were served up hot and fresh off the reel to reel, digitized, and sent across the pond. This tiger funk single features an two edits of one musical suite, exclusive on this vinyl 45.

Michael Rufolo- drums, bongos, tambourine, vocals
Nick Rufolo – bass, guitars, Roland Juno 6 synthesizer, strings, melodica, sitar
Shawn Lee - Yamaha CS5 synthesizer, cabasa, quijada, metal mercussion, Suzuki Unisynth, mouth percussion, vocals, xylophone, glockenspiel, magic bull horn, marimba
BGS - trombones
Matt Boose - trumpet