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MidiDropMusic & Sebastian Davidson - The Truth About Kwango

MidiDropMusic & Sebastian Davidson

The Truth About Kwango

54 Music

Released: 6th July 2009 | 4 track deep house ep
This offering is an EP with tracks from MidiDropMusic in 'The Truth' and Sebastian Davidson in 'Kwango,' as well as remixes from Kris Wadsworth and Foolish Horse. 'The Truth' punches a groove from the off; as its steady kick is punctuated with far off claps which sway your hips, you're forced to day dream amongst the bouncing beats and rippling pads which swirl all around. 'Kwango' is a clickier jam. It's clipped, glitched percussion opens atop a pulsing, warped baseline, and is dark and consuming until it tumbles out on to a wider plane with concertinaed beats and twists of synth injecting a soul. 'Kwango' is odds on to work its way into the musical journeys weaved by any of Berlin or Detroit's finest deep jocks. Remixing 'The Truth' is rising Detroit based star Kris Wadsworth and he certainly brings to the table his share of the quality for which Detroit is known. Finally, Foolish Horse reinterprets 'Kwango' as a swirling, thud propelled heads-down stomper. DJ Support From Okain Chris Duckenfield Afrilounge Ashely Beedle Luke Solomon Okkohaus Patrice Baumel Ed Davenport Shonky Jay Tripwire Slam MotorCitySoul Livio & Roby Funk D'Void Simon Baker Max Cooper