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Bigger Than Jesus - Checkpoint Charlie EP

Bigger Than Jesus

Checkpoint Charlie EP

54 Music

Released: 5th October 2009 | 3 track techno ep
This next release by 54 Music Dark is a fully versatile EP taking in a number of different Techno styles. Bigger Than Jesus are responsible for this brand new techno offering, 'Checkpoint Charlie'. Traum's Max Cooper and Victor Ruiz support them with remixes. Grinding, pulsating overtones ride over throbbing bass, whilst tense chords waltz and dance around powerfully and paranoid, thus creating a powerful vacuum of techno. The music evokes, and stirs... conjuring up strong visual dialogue amongst the listener. Checkpoint Charlie brings you a tail of a cold reality, a want and desire to find escapism. Max Cooper's remix takes the dance floor percussion of the original and twists it into a broken beat techno monster. Plenty of Cooper's trademark glitch delays and long builds create lingering suspense which is finally broken at the last drop by some wobbly-bass mayhem! Victor Ruiz's interpretation brings further fuel and dynamics to the mix, bountiful of energy as boundless driving rhythms lash against a cacophony of sounds. Hypnotic, appealing and catchy… Just how great Techno should sound!