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Hound Scales - Pinky Violence EP
12" Vinyl
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Hound Scales

Pinky Violence EP

Fifth Wall Records

Released: 21st July 2014 | 5 track techno ep

Hound Scales' latest batch of tracks looks forward, and the shit they see is not to their liking. Tearing down and rebuilding, the effect of world war on romantic relationships, committing horrible acts with your mind. Ruff Pod, Humanoid Huey P, Clock Deux Vaux Aux, Dj Oddzone, Android Wekua, Horace Andromeda, half-reptilian Husalah, Soylent Greenaway, Mood II Mach III, twice un-dead Bill Ayers, UR Squadron, and a wax statue of Dieter Roth are the heroes here so mother fuck Mark Wahlberg.