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Likhan' - Redlight / Quiet Riot
12" Vinyl
Out 28th December 2018


Redlight / Quiet Riot

7even Recordings

Released: 16th March 2018 | 2 track dubstep single

LIKHAN's back for his third twelve on 7even Recordings. His first 'Terre / Uwill' and'Qumran / Daoine Sidhe'releases on 7even received a large wave of appreciation being selected as 'Singles Of The Week' by

As heard in the 7even exclusive mix at Mary Anne Hobbs' BBC Experimental show in January 2009, 'Redlight' and 'Quiet Riot' are two more killer additions to LIKHAN's discography, pushing boundaries of his own music, blending massive Two-step and Dubstep rhythms with incredible sonic Techno and Dub sounds and effects. Once again LIKHAN' provides a unique sound and music approach with an impeccable production and unfussy arrangements. Try to put a name on it, call it whatever you want... or simply let speak the music!