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Helixir - Space Travelling / Quiet Storm
12" Vinyl
Out 28th December 2018


Space Travelling / Quiet Storm

7even Recordings

Expected: 28th December 2018 | 2 track dubstep single

Helixir Undivided album vinyl version part 3.
Back in his early days, Kevin Martin a.k.a. HELIXIR gets his first strong musical experiences by listening to Frank Zappa, AFX, Quasimoto or Plastikman.

Drummer, bassist and guitarist, he founds in 1997 the experimental Jazz Rock combo Maelstrom, and soon finds interest in working on sound montage on a Tascam mag-tape . Kevin also discovers the computer universe and starts to explore new possibilities for his music. A new world appears, a natural extension of the instrumental world, where Kevin can experiment new techniques and blend his creativity.

Kevin cuts, pastes, distorts notes, beats, waves, genres and effects. He explores, and as part of the Strasbourg's Sens Inverse Crew, starts
to play Live his own productions at parties in the east of France and in Germany. Recognized for the quality and versatility of his productions,
his style is impossible to label, or simply as the 'Helixir' style.

Master of programming, sound mixing, bass science and EQ, Kevin always surprises and never do the same thing twice. Just listen to his
four 12s on 7even Recordings and you'll find different tempos, Dub, Breakbeat, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Indus and Techno flavours. Mala,
Untold, Mary Anne Hobbs, 2562, F, Ramadanman or Brendon Moeller support his music.

Kevin is exploring, and it's the only way of living music for Helixir.

With Undivided, HELIXIR takes us on board for this sonic exploration. A real and deep incursion only possible with a long player project.

This album is not a track compilation, this is a story, a musical trip, a vehicle to bring you somewhere else.

Press play.