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José Padilla - Adios Ayer (feat. Steve Bennet)

José Padilla

Adios Ayer (feat. Steve Bennet)


Released: 18th May 2018 | 1 track electronic single

Adios Ayer was played on BBC Radio One and all the big radio stations in Europe and in small scale radio stations across the rest of the worlrld. It was supported by Sasha, Darren Emmerson, Chicane, Paul Daley, Phil Mason, Nick Warren and many others. It was reviewed in DJ Mag, Mix Mag and all the important music magazines as it was alot more sucessful and it had more remixes. It was also reviewed in some British newspapers.
Jose never expressed the real meaning of the track to press at the time. It was his personal goodbye to Cafe Del Mar and was produced Jose's studio in Ibiza. It is a real song with very touching and cleaver lyrics and has great melodies and it touched the emotions of many people.

"This is 100% Jose Padilla track"
Darren Emmerson, DJ producer
"I love this track so much that I made a remix"
Paul Daley, DJ producer
"This track is going to be my favourite for many years"
Phil Mason, DJ producer
"Absolute winner, a real touching soulful track"
Chris Coco, DJ producer