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Flint Kids - Triptych 76

Flint Kids

Triptych 76

Interakt Records

Released: 17th September 2012 | 5 track leftfield/idm ep

This is definitely a 'can't help but move' record.

With their 3rd single -Triptych 76 Flint Kids take you on an electro mystery tour; meandering down the kaledoscopic streams of Whimsy, a spongy stones throw from Oz. If you could imagine the outcome of Herbie Hancock locked in a room with only a few bits of outboard and some acid, you wouldn't be that far away.

Flint Kids are usually associated with a more glitchy, technoish TDM (Thick Dance Music), however, with Triptych 76, they haven't just dipped their toe in the electro paddling pool but bombed in from height, soaking their turquoise shell suits.

AKT005 features 2 dirty ass remixes from electro giant (couldn't resist) ADJ (Pyramid Transmissions, Touchin' Bass Ai)

and a further 2 from Marco Bernardi.

Marco has been at the forefront of the underground electro scene for years and released under some of the most prolific labels associated with the genre, namely the Dutch Labels; Clone & Frustrated Funk.

If you want to loose your inhibitions without the aid of narcotics, and dance like Peter Crouch after a World Cup hatrick.......... This record is for you.