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Semtek - Lotos Eaters
12" Vinyl
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Lotos Eaters

Don't Be Afraid

Released: 4th July 2011 | 4 track tech-house single
For his third release on Donâ'??'??t Be Afraid Semtek brings a rolling acid house vibe with remixes from Neville Watson and Justin Harris and Isa GT. The original builds from trademark UK bleeps and analogue drums into a wigged out discoid groove. Neville Watson takes you far up into the aether with a hypnotic hymn to the night, Justin Harris produces a dark and driving techno dub, and Isa GT refashions an early Semtek track â'??˜Keyâ'??'?? into a â'??˜baraâ'??'?? house banger equally at home in Croydon as in her native Columbia. Support: Tim Sweeney â'??œReally enjoying that Neville Watson mix!â'?? Matt Walsh â'??œThe Neville Watson mix is great!!!â'??, Riotous Rockers â'??œAbsolutely superb I like all 3 tracks , Watson the bestâ'?? Craig Richards â'??œNeville Watson mix is greatâ'??, Slam â'??œAll nice techno with soul - liking these.â'??, Domenic Capello â'??œNeville's mix is tight as alwaysâ'??, Harri â'??œNeville Watson is on fire! Justinâ'??'??s mix is cool also.â'?? Par Grindvik â'??œSweet one!â'?? Jonny Rock â'??œOriginal, N. Watson and Justin Harris (and not just because he is ginger) are rockin my ship.â'?? DJ 3000 â'??œLove it! Can I get vinyl?â'?? Dave Mothersole â'??œI like Neville's mix a lot. Justin Harris' mix is also cool.â'?? Rob Mello â'??œThe Nevile Watson mix is cool.â'?? Michel De Hey â'??œNice old skool vibe. Sinden â'??œIsa Gtâ'??'??s mix is a great track, I did a little edit (nothing at all major just arrangement) and tested it out. working wellâ'?? Alex Macpherson â'??œThe Isa GT mix just bangs!â'?? Press: IDJ â'??œNice! Will try to review this.â'?? Littlewhiteearbuds â'??œThanks, will make this available to LWE staff for review.â'?? Mixmag â'??œWicked release, too housey for my page, but very strong nonetheless.â'?? Mixside (Spain) â'??œGood production! 5 out of 5.â'?? Tsugi (France) â'??œCool pack. Will put forward for review.â'??