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Andreikelos - Euryphaessa EP
12" Vinyl
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Euryphaessa EP

Equinox Records

Released: 6th August 2012 | 4 track leftfield/idm single

Following his earlier single release (Call For) The Last Stand, which was his debut on Equinox in 2010, as well as his remix release for Ceschi Ramos' Black And White And Red All Over, the Euryphaessa EP is a new great musical perspective on Andreikelos' vast talents.

A well known producer and engineer in Greece, Andreikelos may still be the best kept secret from the global Leftfield Electronica genre. Having created his own style with his significant drum pattern and synthesizers use this EP is adventurous as it is deep.

The title track, Euryphaessa, stands at the barrier between instrumental alt-rock and moody electronica. Named after the ancient Greek Titan-Goddess, Theia Euryphaessa, it is a perfect blend of heavy drum patterns, crunchy beats and distorted synth lines. Second comes Under Pressure, this instrumental hip-hop track is a hybrid of synths and samples enhanced by a heavy drumbeat blended with rock-ish cymbals and beautiful violin sounds for the finale. The following track, Deserted, is dark and cinematic. A blend of acoustic and electronic instruments alongside heavy drum sounds. The final track is a remix of Euryphaessa by Greek producer Starflyer. His version enhances the electronic nature of the original with orchestral textures, smoothly blended onto a down-tempo beat pattern making this trip-like tune a perfect catalyst to fuel the overall sound.

Andreikelos has probably outdone himself with this EP. The music is deep, building, dark yet melancholic and profoundly beautiful. Being Part 3 in the Black On Black vinyl series the Euryphaesse EP is released as a very limited (100 hand numbered copies) vinyl 12 alongside a poster.