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Deckard - Echoes From The Past
Vinyl LP
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Echoes From The Past

Equinox Records

Released: 1st October 2012 | 10 track leftfield/idm album

Just a few months after the release of his successful debut double LP For A Better Tomorrow and his singles Andromeda and Günesim, Deckard is ready for the next strike. Echoes From The Past is an unreleased album that was produced during the years 2000 to 2005 and is finally ready to drop in September this year. After some dusting off, polishing and re-mastering, the 9 tracks sound as contemporary and fresh as back then. Deckard himself calls it Instrumentals out of a time when beats where still beats – classically arranged drums, assembled with futuristic sound elements – already making up the classic dark sound that Deckard is now known for.

The travel into time past starts with A Black Hole (Part 2), a deep and hauling tune, that, as the name promises, might be able to absorb you entirely. The following track, Defunked, is a more club friendly but equally deep song that hasn't lost any of its freshness over the years. Next up, Haunted Beats and the title track Echoes From The Past are more classical, triphoppy and dark, reminiscent of some of the early heroes of the genre such as Krush, Spooky or DJ Cam. Listening to the following tracks, it shows how far Deckard's production and arranging skills were already advanced at that time: The grooving Endzeit paints images of gloomy machine halls in the year 2050, Gedankenjäger, German for mind hunter, is hypnotic but yet pushing, Shadows saws into your ear canals with distorted bass sounds, while Slow Body Movement offers a few more soulful and jazzy shades and concludes the album to full satisfaction.

Echoes From The Past includes 9 tracks, while a bonus track is offered for the vinyl buyers. The limited LP release additionally is sold as a bundle package that even contains a second unreleased album from Deckard's vast archive entitled Underground und Subkultur.
Echoes From The Past is releases as part of a two-piece Unheard & Recovered series on Equinox Records. Part 2 of the series will be the unreleased solo full length by DJ Scientist, an equally deep and meticulously produced album with great unheard material from his archives.