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Gagarin - AOTICP
CD Album



Geo Records

Released: 10th July 2015 | 11 track leftfield/idm album

Gagarin is the solo project of Graham Dids Dowdall. He makes instrumental electronica that doesn't adhere to any particular scene or style and draws on influences ranging from contemporary classical to techno and every point in between and beyond. The music is atmospheric, melodic and sometimes beaty.

Currently a member of avant rock legends Pere Ubu and Welsh-Iranian folktronica duo Roshi ft. Pars Radio, Gagarin has a long history of left-field musical promiscuity. Including a long period of collaboration with Nico ( Velvet Underground) and many dalliances along the way include John Cale, Ludus, Eric Random, Suns of Arqa, Band of Holy Joy, Low Bias, Zor Gabor and many more.

As Gagarin he has released several albums and contributed to numerous compiIations and remix projects.

His last album Biophilia received widespread acclaim andwas described in Mojo as electronica in its rawest sense and in Musicweek as deeply beautiful glitchy electronica - stunning . Other reviews and airplay include BBC Radio 3, BBC6 music, RTE, RUM, RNE, deBug, Westzeit, Rockerilla, Vital Weekly, Raveline and many more.

Under his given name Graham released an experimental cassette Outside Broadcast in 2014 through Touch's Tapeworm imprint which is based on sounds sourced from analogue radios ,and is a eulogy to that dying format.

Aoticp includes some elements from this alongside abstract grooves ,unstable synth melodies, floaty ambience, field recordings, grimey beats, glitch and noise.

Gagarin gigs regularly in UK and Europe with a hardware combination of drumpads, samplers, iPad and FX.

AOTICP is due for release on Geo Records through Kudos distribution on July 13th 2015.

The track Wandle was featured on Boiler Room debuts and is picking up airplay including repeated plays on Amazing Radio, Resonance fm ( including live session 30th May ), Hannover FM, Emmswechtevelle ( ger), RCV Lille ( France- repeated plays) Eldoradio ( Ger)RUM ( Portugal )BLN ( Ger) Musicpaper ( Greece)plus reviews in Rif Raf( Fr) Blow Up ( It ) . Quietus also premiered a track and an extensive interview with Gagarin about his incredible career and Pop Matters are premiering Feral Dreams. The Formant premier Troglodyte here - and Gagarin also features in the Monocle podcast with David Stubbs, Ransom note, Impose...

"Sparkingly new electronic soundscapes. Scary beautiful and epic. There's no-one quite like Gagarin."
Boiler Room TV, Boiler Room
"Gagarin is more than capable of reaching the lofty heights of the very best left field electronica. It's extremities are it's true highlight - atmospheric, emotionally turbulent. Ladies and gentleman we are floating in space once again."
Ben Wilmott, Electronic Sound Magazine
"Amniotic dances where warm analogue synths add depth to the glacial atmospheres. A great mix of folk and cool IDM textures."
Roberto Mandolini, Rockerilla
"Like all the best Ambient it evokes a sense of inquisitive disquiet rather than complacent relaxation.Each piece is a mechanical ballet playing out against a lonely, oblivious deep space backdrop. Each track explores its own individual orbit of ideas.Slowly but surely, music of this electronic calibre is wending its way into the public consciousness."
David Stubbs, Quietus
"The clarity of production distinguishes this from most electronica. Swirling synths, circular electronics create an exciting, dark and fascinating electronica."
Wolfgang Kabsch, Music an sich
"A combination of hypnotic ambient electronica and thrumming, skittering percussion. Part classic electronic, part futuristic."
Adrien Begrand, Pop Matters
"never categorically falls into any defined pigeonhole as it moves into far reaches of unexplored territory.It features industrially random rhythms and improvised synths all working within a directed compositional form, but it’s the spatial awareness of the elements that really stands out on the album."
Mischa Mathys, Formant
"Full of wild imagination and wild dreams. It howls, bangs, tickels and warbles futuristically. Every track is a multi sensory experience that revamp space and time."
Bad Alchemy
"A journey that bends time and space, a dance inspiring suite to lift the spirits"
Sijmon Gompers, Impose
"Deadly sub-basses and stop-go sequences - totally recommended for lovers of electronic music beyod the dance floor 9/10"
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