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Frank Eddie - Let's Be Frank
CD Album
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Frank Eddie

Let's Be Frank

Impotent Fury

Released: 22nd October 2012 | 10 track cut & paste album

Fred Deakin, formerly half of Lemon Jelly, has a new project and here's what he has to say about it.

Recently I've been having a lot of fun in the studio and to be frank (ha!) I've got a hard drive packed full of goodies, the product of the last few years of musical experimentation. The Frank Eddie album is the first batch of these tracks to be released, a collection of club-friendly quirky vocal mash-ups. It's come about partly because of a chance meeting with a disillusioned R&B DJ called Chris who was going digital and wanted to get rid of his large collection of vinyl. I had already spotted the potential of using acappellas from the B-sides of import twelve inches (why else do they put them on there?) and Chris had an extensive collection of club bangers from the last ten years which I happily took off his hands; thus this project came into focus.

Having said that I must now reveal that none of the above is true and these tracks are in fact all created by a gentleman called Frank Eddie. Despite the coincidental fact that Frank Eddie is an anagram of Fred Deakin, this gent has absolutely nothing to do with me and is in fact a used car salesman from East London who often goes drinking with Huey Morgan. He makes these mash-ups when the car showroom is quiet to annoy his kids; they get very irritated when he gets them played out, as this makes him cooler than them and all their friends ask to come back their house to meet their groovy dad, which Mr Eddie loves.