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Put Me on a Planet


Released: 9th April 2012 | 12 track leftfield/idm album
J*S*T*A*R*S may be a typist's nightmare, but their music offers a year-round, feel-good extension to the summer. Sim Lister and Steve Cobby are the J*S*T*A*R*S, 'Put Me On A Planet' co-pilots. The beats are springy, the harmonies spicy – and the song titles offer a clue of the humour involved. Mostly instrumental, they include melodies from trumpet and evocative sax solos to complement the electronic wizardry. And the electronic squiggles and snippets of brass sometimes take a trip to the disco - but rarely provide a clue to the sinister discovery that their name is an acronym for a military intelligence project... J*S*T*A*R*S - a talented funk outfit... one listen and you'll join in! Cobby is also one half of Fila Brazillia – a prolific team of consistently good albums and countless remixes. Lister was with Sheffield's 80s post-industrial funk outfit, Chakk - and Sim and Steve are also two of the freestyle techno trio Heights of Abraham, who were selected as a Mixmag top-ten dance act - Cobby, Lister and the third member – Jake Harries - are currently (2012) working on new material. Lister and Cobby formed Steel Tiger Records in 2006 and have released recordings by J*S*T*A*R*S (Cobby and Lister), Peacecorps (Cobby and classically-trained guitarist Rich Arthurs) and The Cutler (Cobby and David Pork Brennand of Pork Recordings, and collaborators). Cobby also currently collaborates with others including Mal Malinder, founder of Cabaret Voltaire, as Hey, Rube! Sim Lister and Steve Cobby work together with David McSherry (the other 50% of Fila Brazillia) as Twentythree Records, their label that looks after all Fila, Heights of Abraham and Solid Doctor productions – famed for their breezy funk, shot through with a sense of humour in quirky samples and athletic bass lines. The J*S*T*A*R*S track 'Loose Nuke Threat' was chosen by Fiat for their 2012 TV advertising campaign for the new Panda – and by John Lewis Partnership for their 2004 and 2005 TV advertising campaign - 'Spring is Here'. The J*S*T*A*R*S publisher is F-Tang/Eagle-i Music Ltd.