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The Whole Truth - Gimme Your Love
12" Vinyl
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The Whole Truth

Gimme Your Love

Whole Truth Records

Released: 25th November 2013 | 2 track nu-disco single

The Whole Truth presents the first in a series of collaborations with UK reggae artists. First up: Errol Bellot.

Over the last few years Errol has come to be recognised as a true don of the UK reggae scene. He's found popularity with a new generation of producers, through his collaborations with LV and his perennial 80s digital hit What a Wonderful Feeling, which has featured on several Honest Jon's compilations, and still regularly gets play from DJs across the board (from Mosca to JD Twitch). This summer Reggae Archive Records issued a lost album (Youthman) to critical acclaim, whilst a rare early single (Babylon) has been reissued.

This single - Gimme Your Love - sees him showcasing his more soulful side, with thick, full harmonies, and emotional overdubs. In all, the effect is like that of a lost 80s house track, and it's easy to see why; this was produced on all original analogue gear and recorded to 1/2 tape.

One thing is clear: Gimme Your Love is a stone-cold post-disco groover, packing a rolling funk bassline powerful enough to stop a charging bull elephant.

"Cracking modern disco dub from The Whole Truth! Deep synth’d-out bass groove with the voice of Jah Tubby's Errol Bellot - Hackney's answer to Risco Connection? Smooth as you like but with a bottom end to move the dancefloor."
Hugo Mendez, Sofrito Records
"Thanks for sending this - really liking it. I love Errol Bellot, and it's a great idea getting reggae artists to sing on these tracks."
JD Twitch, Optimo
"I really like this...will give it a play on Flomotion in a couple of weeks for sure"
Nick Luscombe, Flomotion
"Great Tom, played it the week you sent it, sounds really good I'll drop in next weeks show too. Wish you luck with it!"
Jay Scarlett, Beat Dimensions
"Thanks for this man, liking it! Vocals fitting real nice too"
Braiden, NTS Radio
"These are HOT!!!"
Dom Sevrini, WahWah45s
"Sounds great from the preview stream. Kinda reminds me of the Coach House Rhythm Section material Eddie Grant produced in his disco phase."
Jonathan Moore, Leftside Wobble
"Love this, artwork, music - all tip top"
Chris Duckenfield, Swag
"Yes man. This sounds too good."
Jonny Rock