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Benjamin Shaw - I Got the Pox, the Pox Is What I Got

Benjamin Shaw

I Got the Pox, the Pox Is What I Got

Audio Antihero

Released: 26th October 2009 | 6 track lo-fi ep

Combining abstract storytelling with fiery musical cluster bombs, Benjamin Shaw has given us a beautifully bitter debut that boasts both fragile innocence and homicidal fantasy - an unforgettable and purifying experience. Get the Pox: Six and a half songs of nausea, noise and hilarious anecdote.


Quite beautiful. - Subba Cultcha

Fastidiously DIY in sound...A 'name' for 2010. - God is in The TV

Underground notoriety beckons - 8/10. - Rock Pulse

Up there with the best of this year...on the 'to watch' list for 2010 - 8/10. - The Music Fix

An alterative idol in waiting... - Fractions Of One

Defiantly ramshackle. The only fear is that Shaw's style may fail to attract the attention it deserves. -
The Skinny

A 'singer-songwriter' who obviously isn't happy with the connotations that tag would bestow upon him. He's fighting to find his own voice in a sea of tepid waters soiled by the likes of Jame's Morrison and Blunt. - Tasty Fanzine

Benjamin Shaw had a few more surprises tucked away than I first thought. I would definitely love to hear more. CD of the week. – Nic Dalton, The Lemonheads

Pools of buzzing synths, effects and distorted cries. Like a nightmare Mark Linkous may even have rejected from 'It's a Wonderful Life' for being a little too 'ominous'. - Americana UK

His lyrics are delivered flat so they stick in your soul like a stake...dangerous but completely seductive. Benjamin Shaw is a one-man wall in a dark alleyway of sound, and I'll be looking out for him. 9/10. - Music Emissions

Benjamin vocal's are very distinct and a whole host of adjectives can be used to try and describe them but it's almost impossible to do so - 4/5. - Tracks Monkey

Defiantly lo-fi values cloak soul baring singer-songwriterliness as if essayed at the end of a very long and uncomfortably active night, throwing everything off course with electronic layers, noises and the inscrutability of his lyrical worldview. - Sweeping The Nation