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Wartgore Hellsnicker - Moderate Rock

Wartgore Hellsnicker

Moderate Rock

Audio Antihero

Released: 30th May 2011 | 4 track grunge ep

An eleven minute joyride...-8.2/10. - The Whiteboard Project

A strange and addictive amalgam of grunge, jazz and blistering noise - 8/10.- The Music Fix

A celebration of imperfection and for people that don't like other people.– Glasswerk

Brutally propounds an SST-flavored guitar attack abetted by an RFTC-esque horn section (that conjures occasional klezmer outbursts)…Aural ambrosia for the disaffected.– Clicky Clicky

Once upon a time, Watford opened its legs and fucked the world…

A celebration of imperfection and ugly...a permanent state of organic metamorphosis...any members any instruments was the war-cry of vocalist/guitarist Paul Terris and it rang true.
An evolving, dissolving lineup of musicians and noisemakers appeared…coming and going…everything from an acoustic duo to a fifteen piece noisechestra, all shock rocking around the country, never setting off the the same trap twice. With their mix of psychedelic meltdowns, acid jazz freak outs and punk rock savagery they wound up muddying the stage on bills with the likes of Rolo Tomassi, Your Demise, Lower Than Atlantis, Let's Wrestle and Kate Nash.

Now, hopefully obvious from the somewhat shameless sleeve, Moderate Rock is undeniably a love letter to Sub Pop 1989 from Audio Antihero (the cover even has its own Jason Everman!) but it's also the first official statement from their new signing WARTGORE HELLSNICKER - the masters of noise rock party chaos.

Blurring the sounds of Sub Pop's early Primal Rock assault (Mudhoney, Tad, Blood Circus, Green River, Bleach) with brass/funk lunacy of Mr Bungle and the impassioned yelp of early Modest Mouse Moderate Rock is an unpredictable (and frankly fun) record that offers ugly music for ugly people.

The Wartgore cometh…Be moderate.