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Fighting Kites & Broken Shoulder - Split

Fighting Kites & Broken Shoulder


Audio Antihero

Released: 3rd October 2011 | 7 track experimental ep

Two part split EP from Fighting Kites and Broken Shoulder.

Fighting Kites' looping, layered, soulful art-rock waltzes have won them spots on bills with the likes of Male Bonding, Nisennenmondai, Shield Your Eyes, Benjamin Shaw, Jack Hayter (Hefner/Dollboy) and Nitkowski. What makes FK hard to define is the absence of that which generally characterises modern instrumental rock music, the quiet-loud dynamic, epic soundscapes or bloated dissonance. FK's music simply has a unique, infectious and often overwhelming beauty. Scattered layers with melody reminiscent of 'Rather Ripped' period Sonic Youth, warmth akin to that of 'Rock Action' Mogwai, the unconventional artistry of alt. neoclassical artists like Lucky Dragons and the innovation typical of labels like Kranky and Upset The Rhythm.

Broken Shoulder, although an alias for FK founder Neil Debnam, is a different beast entirely. This project began when Debnam broke his shoulder (ahh!) and found himself unable to perform with the group. This led to him toying with the abstract dirges and minimalist lo-fi electronic music (LO-TRON) that would define the Broken Shoulder sound...;effectively creating an ugly sister to his work with FK. He released his acclaimed 'BROKEN SHOULDERRR' debut through Audio Antihero in March 2011. It was hailed by The 405 as an instant classic and described by one reviewer as the sound of the summer but at a sub-atomic level. 'Split' is a powerfully contrasting record; the lively and majestic build of Part 1 clashes heavily with the darkness of Part 2. There are points where FK let loose and soar while Broken Shoulder hypnotises with guttural rumbles, glitchy murmurs and crushing buzz. The EP's building sense of suffocation still leaves you hanging in uncertainty on just one warm note.

"An instant classic"
The 405
"Echoing the kind of noise pursued by artists such as Tim Hecker, Chihei Hatakeyama and hollAnd, Debnam’s work sounds loose and improvisational, even chaotic on occasion, with half-fluffed notes confidently taking place alongside deft musicianship."
"The sound of the summer at a sub-atomic level"
Right Where You Are Sitting Now
"Has a uniqueness which will push you to your limits"
Resonance UK
Gideon Coe (BBC 6 Music)