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Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love


Other Electricities/Audio Antihero

Released: 26th January 2015 | 2 track lo-fi single

New single from Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love, co-released by London's Audio Antihero (Nosferatu D2 / Cloud / Benjamin Shaw) and Miami's Other Electricities (Holly Hunt / Givan Lötz). Album Last due February 2015.

Previous Support:

This is an album that's in equal measures simple, refined and yet striving to be something much, much more. The multi-layer vocals and music seem too ambitious to have been recorded in a bedroom studio and yet they work. Brilliantly in fact. Support an artist and let it be Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love. - The Line of Best Fit of the few bands creating music today that doesn't immediately bring to mind what others are already doing, so treasure this gem. - antiMusic

Reminds me of when Joan of Arc weren't adverse to writing a pop song. Nice. - Collective-Zine

Sad, sometimes heartbreaking, but the warmth is there, blossoming from the center. - Sputnik

I love love love them. - SoundsXP

It takes patience to find the enveloping beauty of their music, but listen carefully. Their appeal lies completely in the details. - Redefine Mag

As a document of creative evolution, Feels, Feathers, Bogs and Bees succeeds in spades. -30Music

Blissful, melancholy, soul-stirring, harmonious and ultimately haunting... - Playback STL

Rooted firmly in the world of low/no-fi folk, this is a charming record that recalls the same juxtaposition of fragility and strength of character that suffused the early Elliott Smith albums. - Tangents

One fine accompaniment for the slow road to a lonely death. - Gaz-Eta

Compelling, and down-to-earth-no freak in this folk - PopMatters

A genuinely terrific album. - All Music Guide