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CHUCK - Frankenstein Songs for the Grocery Store


Frankenstein Songs for the Grocery Store

Audio Antihero

Released: 18th August 2017 | 15 track indie pop album

Brooklyn (via Massachusetts) based bedroom musician CHUCK (aka Charles Griffin Gibson) issues his final album, Frankenstein Songs for the Grocery Store, on August 18th through Audio Antihero Records. Combining a lush classic pop sound with elements of '80s New Wave, '90s Alternative and 2000s Emo, the album offers hints of Jonathan Richman, Death of a Ladies Man,The Get Up Kids and Daniel Johnston. This is an ambitious new LP from an underrated and unique songwriter.

"Seriously, do not let this one pass you by...Love it or hate it, Chuck will make you feel something to turn your day on its head."
Gold Flake Paint
"He tells us of the forgotten people of New York City, the dead end jobs, the bottomless hopelessness of keeping a dying relationship alive....but also the romance of a night spent on a rooftop, or sleeping on a beach, or the chase for one last drink at one last bar."
The Line of Best Fit
"Straddling the line between bedroom pop and high fidelity indie rock....Both gorgeous and joyously rough-around-the-edges"
"Encapsulates the feel of travel to amusement parks, train rides, boardwalk bound feelings, the feel of sand between your toes, seasonal loves, and books read to chase away any inkling of boredom."
"Goofy simplicity...its nostalgia shows most in the balance between a sunny melody and little pokes that could only come from an observer with a bit of distance..."
Bedford & Bowery
"Hopelessly optimistic? Or just hopeless? Massachusetts native and NYC transplant Chuck treads a fine line between the two with his warped jangly pop concoctions."
London in Stereo
"Downtrodden and disheartened but not without its optimism, calling to mind bands like Atom and His Package or Casiotone for the Painfully Alone as well as The Mountain Goats, Magnetic Fields and Audio Antihero’s own Frog through it’s wonky DIY delivery and self-deprecating charm."
Louder Than War
"A very worthwhile listen if you like your indie pop to be sad, achy, and stuck with one foot in the past."
God Is in the TV
"CHUCK has been quietly tackling the complexities of human emotion with a warped musical backdrop that's comforting, rich and, at times, confusing. It’s those double-ended moments in music where a note can leave you hanging on or a turn of phrase can change in the way it moves you. It’s bedroom pop about growing up fast that sounds big and meaningful when it wants to, but more importantly it's something to rely on last thing at night."
"Covering everything that’s terrible and everything that’s not about being a young adult in the twenty-first century, somehow managing to tap into the human kernel at the centre of our zombified lurch of nostalgia and regret."
Various Small Flames