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Albion - Burning Disco
12" Vinyl
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Burning Disco

Ambassador's Reception

Released: 2nd October 2015 | 3 track disco ep

Being at an Albion gig is like entering a Bedouin tent and smelling the scent of an exotic spice for the first time, At that point you can't imagine living without it for the rest of your life.

The psychedelic disco Viking is back. Master crate digger Albion is a DJ who doesn't merely take you on another drum journey, but adds an extra dimension where preconceptions don't apply. It can take a while to get used to it, but sophistication never went out of style; it just took more than three decades to catch up. When the coin finally dropped, Albion was there to pick it up. When it comes to the Mixtura series Albion always opens up new ground. He only selects the finest cuts for our table like Burning Disco We here sexy sultry voice from a man who probably has a very large moustache Don't you know I'm dancing like an eagle in sky, people always ask me why? onto Flamingo Synths play in tandem with guitar and flute glides though a delay without a care in the world, add the horns and sexy porno voice and you got a winner. Mustang Is about letting the good times roll, Freaky disco biscuits with dash of rock? Yes please.