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Bebo Best And The Super Lounge Orchestra - D'jazzonga
CD Album
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Bebo Best And The Super Lounge Orchestra


Chin Chin Records

Released: 4th August 2008 | 14 track album
After the huge success of their first album Sitar and Bossa, recently chosen in the new Buddha Bar Vol. 10, Bebo Best & the Super Lounge Orchestra's new album, D'Jazzonga has Bossa grooves, jazzy vocals and that '60s-'70s lounge and soundtrack flavour. Classy musicians blend Brazilian music, Italian- styled grooves and jazz dance. Modern jazz, electro bossa, cinematic sounds and plenty of jazzy vocal melodies and solo instrumentals. Bebo Best & the Super Lounge Orchestra's new album is a very enticing music release with rhythmic tracks you will have to dance to! The album is played by Brazilian, French and Italian musicians. With a vibrant collection of tracks that bristles with intensity from song to song! Anytime swingers a strutting jazzy flavoured opener lays out the feel of the album. With percussion, muted trumpets and great vocals blended into the mix! 'Oh Jeje is a groovy-bossa track that feels like something lifted off an old soundtrack from Piccioni or Morricone -- done with a slightly modern rhythm! This has already been chosen for the hit US Show So you think you can Dance, the biggest show on US TV! (over 50 Million people watch it...) Come as you are is an exciting new cover of Nirvana's original 1991 hit. With a sixties cool arrangement that would fit perfectly into a Tarantino movie! BEBO BEST is the force behind THE SUPER LOUNGE ORCHESTRA greatest project - After over 120 cds with personalities as David Torn and Gilberto Gil, and appearing in projects with artists as Jon Hassel, Michael Nyman, Wim Mertens, Nitin Sawhney, Trilok Gurtu, Sinead O' Connor, Mario Biondi, Ruichy Sakamoto, Frank Zappa, Marisa Monte, Bebel Gilberto, Nicola Conte, Norah Jones, Mario Biondi, Fabrizio Bosso, many soundtracks for films and TV, and has international recognition for the wise and original use of electronics and ethnic music that distinguished his works. SELECTED DISCOGRAPHY 1991 Soniasikri Sub Rosa / 1993 Interzone / 1994 Sonora4 / 1995 Earthbeat / 1996 Jaya - Feat. Narah / 1997 Light From The Abyss / 1998 Tantra - Life Is Here 2001 Tantra Transensuality Cni Compagnia Nuove Indye / 2004 Flying Fishes 2004 ASIAN GARDEN / 2005 Tantratribe Radio Indye Psichedelic Asian Dub 2005 Quello Che Il Pubblico…, / 2006 Ghassan Mawlawi Sufi Memories 2007 Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra Sitar and Bossa 2008 Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra D'JAZZONGA Films: First Light - Maui, Hawaii U.S.A., La notte dei foghi, Venice International Film Festival 2005, Il punto rosso Venice International Film Festival 2006 Broadcasting: MTV U.S.A.: Roas Rules, RAI: Hobo, Ultrasuoni Cocktail, Lampi d'estate, Farhenheit 451 Theatre: Le mille e una notte w. Ascanio Celestini, Goethe a Bologna, w. Gioele Dix Works: for Gugghenheim Foundation, Gas Jeans, Telecom, Pitti, Belmonte. played at Wim Wenders' Electronic Paintings exhibition in Venice, played at the presentation of the JANE CAMPION movie The Holy Smoke, director of Woody Allen' Film music orchestra at Venice International Film Exposition, artistic co-director