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Nicolas Bernier - Transfert/Futur

Nicolas Bernier



Released: 24th November 2017 | 2 track electronic album

Sound artist/composer/performer Nicolas Bernier derives from his previous frequencies project with the new 299 792 458 m/s series and a first album on Acte!

Transfert/Futur is marking a shift from Nicolas Bernier's rather reductionist approach of the last series to a more expressive and colourful aesthetic. Drawing from science fiction, sound textures are artificialized within abundance of synthesizers, superimposed to create exceptionally organic compositions. In a very contemporary attitude, compositionnal processes are made obvious to the listener, while the sounds themselves are veritable ear candy.

LIYL complex rythmic patterns, lush synthetic environnements and a sci-fi inspired design.

"one of the most interesting and sophisticated artists in the contemporary scenario"
Digicult, IT
"Un savoir-composer hors-norme"
Goute mes disques , BE