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BadboE - Loose Your Funky Self
12" Vinyl
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Loose Your Funky Self

Auditory Designs

Released: 1st October 2007 | 4 track single
On any given evening of the week, the true Holy Ghost of Funk always can spoil a good night's sleep. You don't want to leave the club as long as there is another beat that cannot be missed and as long as you do dirty and grinding dancing steps; and you absolutely don't want to wake up the next day without heading all the way down the zigzagged sidewalk of a funk rush frenzy. BadboE has for a long time suffered being sleepless and restless like that. Reason: What else is there left to do when coming from the outer rims of Denmark than to produce music? As a studio alchemist he has tried since 1996 to pursue the inner cores of electronic music and now, ten years later, he has found the genuine beat and the real gold in music history: Funk and breaks with James Brown as guiding star. Released on Auditory Design, the hot-rodded vibes of the 'Loose Your Funky Self' EP are kicking, yet very dansable. It has been composed by an eccentric and experienced solo artist on an absolute minimum of gear. Just a sequencer – all you need. That is why the elementary particles stand out so clear with more mankind than machine and more soft skin than hard drive. Simply because the organism of BadboE lives in the organ and his psyche reigns in the sampler's synthesis. 'Loose Your Funky Self' and 'Ease The Funk' invite to do some serious footwork, so even the most tied up shoe laces get loosened. The Austrians Ed Royal and DJ Enne – known from the Innvision label – have remixed 'Loose Your Funky Self' to a heavy slap-bass boogie, while the Copenhagen hammond quartet Leslie Overdrive have done a live remake of 'Ease The Funk' with their bare hands.