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Analogik - FarligHt Monster
10" Vinyl
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FarligHt Monster

Auditory Designs

Released: 10th March 2008 | 4 track ep
A dangerous monster is ready to set sail on the Seven Seas! Farligt Monster is the new and awaited EP from the happy balkan electronic wizards of Analogik. Farligt Monster is taken from the full-length debut Soens Folk - also released by quality label auditorydesigns. In Analogik's native tongue dangerous monster means Farligt Monster, but there is nothing to be afraid of, quite contrary. The EP starts with the original playful track, and then the world of Analogik is being expanded with remixes by 3 different acts. Ooze (Chillosophy Music), one of the members from famous Minilogue, transforms the original track most radically with dubby echoes of the acoustics and an appealing minimal downbeat sound. It continues with Dusty's (Jazz and Milk Recordings) more funky interpretation and finishes with the duo Ben Horn's (auditorydesigns) remix, which combines the guitar playing with trumpesounds, melodica and some catchy synths. All aboard!