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BadboE - Break The Funk
CD Album
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Break The Funk

Auditory Designs

Released: 5th October 2009 | 15 track leftfield/idm album
Attention all funky breakbeat heads! The Danish independent label Auditory Designs is proud to present the full-length debut Break the Funk by BadboE. This crispy breakbeat bomb will kick some flavour to the floor and get those funky legs moving from Copenhagen to Houston, from DC to Sydney! Break the Funk consists of 15 original tracks with plenty of sampling, scratches, good beats and a praised remix of Dynamite made by All Good Funk Alliance (AGFA). BadboE gets his inspiration from late 60's and 70's funky productions and has refined it all in his mix with 80's vocals and hooks. On Funky Medley MC Sens One is guest performing and Linn Lavinsky from Phat Old Mamas (has worked with Marc Collin from Nouvelle Vague) is spicing Spread the Words up, with her highly addictive and sensual voice. BadboE proves that you do not need to be born American to make some heavy funk-influenced catchy tunes. With the approach of bringing UK-style breaks in combination with soulful vocal samples and elements from the Danish hip-hop heritage, he has his own distinctive sound. So tune the ears in at planet Break the Funk, it's party time!