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Samoyed - Spit EP
10" Vinyl
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Spit EP


Released: 11th March 2013 | 4 track leftfield/idm ep

Hailing from the highlands of Scotland, Samoyed released the Spit EP on the Astro:Dynamics label in late 2011 - preceeding much praised 12s for Lukid's GLUM label and Jacques Greene's Vase.

Featuring 3 original tracks along with a remix from Lukid, this EP fuses the textural beatlessness of Samoyed's Always from this Point album (quietly released on his DIY 'Flask' label back in 2008) with his more recent forays into stripped back house and techno, whilst also incorporating an altogether new element into the mix - his own vocals.

Creating a granular and earthly atmosphere on the title track Spit via utilizing an array of static drenched snippets of guitar feedback, Samoyed keeps an almost metronomic pace with a reverberating click almost like the tick of a clock whilst carving a out a subtlety grooving structure - topping the track off with a muted vocal, recalling a cross between Panda Bear and Arthur Russell. Maybe Yes, meanwhile, is more orientated towards Samoyed's earlier output - created on the same self-built Max-based software which spawned much of his beatless work. A break-beat is meticulously deconstructed whilst a awe-inspiring soundscape is processed and overdriven, recalling Ovalcommers era Oval or Fennesz.

Malamute is the last of the original tracks on this record, and perhaps the strongest of them all. Found sounds and rough/smooth textures combine sublimely with Samoyed's vocal and the minimalistic chord structure, whilst the slo-mo 4/4 rhythm and an irresistibly sub-heavy bass hits you right in the back of your throat.

Rounding off the record is a remix from Luke Blair aka Lukid. Having released 3 fantastic albums on Actress's Werk Discs label, and being involved in the mysterious 'Thriller' project, Lukid has also been making ears prick up of late via the mutant house sounds of his recent records for the GLUM imprint. Tackling Maybe Yes Lukid reconstructs the rhythm into a drive straight and driving pulse, whilst euphoric pads and vocal snips combine with the overdriven soundscape of the original to come across like re-edit of a golden era hardcore/jungle track.