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Thomas Lang - Torch
CD Album

Thomas Lang


August Day

Released: 10th March 2014 | 10 track adult contemporary album

'Torch' is the rare album outing from Thomas Lang, the acclaimed Liverpool based singer-songwriter best known for the jazz-tinged song The Happy Man and debut album 'Scallywag Jaz' which hit the UK charts in 1987. 'Torch' is his first album since 'Versions' in 1996 and was recorded Live at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall Rodewald Suite on 16th April 2011.

Lang, revered for his sultry jazz-pop sensibilities and contemporary interpretations, up held several residencies at London's Ronnie Scotts Jazz club and has played with Jools Holland, Nina Simone and Alisom Moyet to name a few. He's known to many for his pivotal role within the UK's musical infrastructure for heading up the consortium that successfully battled and won to keep open Liverpool's Parr Street Recording Studios (a Grammy Award-winning studio, known for its work with Coldplay, Doves, Embrace, Elbow, Badly Drawn Boy and many many more).

'Torch' features John Wheatcroft on guitar, Glen Lewis on piano, Colin Lamont on drums, Paul Thomas on sax and Hugo Harrison on double bass. Together they create smooth, effortless arrangements, with Lang voicing his warm mellifluous tones that bring the songs to life. Here's what the singer had to say about this special album:

This was a project I have wanted to do for some time. I wanted to take some of the inspirational songs from my first encounters with great Jazz singers and take it in a raw format to the stage and record it in front of a live audience, as most jazz records of the day where recorded. And also to see how some of my own material coped with an authentic jazz set up. All live. I hope you enjoy it.

P.S. I've added my recording of the Paul McCartney song Maybe I'm Amazed which was recorded live for BBC radio Merseyside as the brain child of Mike Neary to raise awareness for The Linda McCartney Centre in Liverpool. It just seemed to sit in so well with the feel.