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Jabu - Jabu
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Released: 1st November 2012 | 8 track ambient ep

Jabu are Amos Childs and vocalist Alex Rendall - part of the same Young Echo collective that has spawned the likes of Kahn, Vessel and El Kid. In addition, Childs also forms half of Zhou, who have released previously on Punch Drunk and A Future Without. This EP, originally released in October of last year, varies between beat-less loop-based miniatures in the vein of William Basinski and brooding vocal-led drone, with vocal appearances from Kahn featuring on 'Still'. A bold yet understated statement of intent from one of the most unique duos to emerge from Bristol in recent times.

A pristine 15 minute-odd song suite with nods to Darkstar at their darkest and Odd Nosdam at his oddest - FACT Magazine