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DYNOOO - Mesh N2 Air


Mesh N2 Air


Released: 29th July 2013 | 9 track downtempo album

Mastered by Vessel (Tri Angle Records). Artwork by Alice Charlotte Ray & DYNOOO.

DYNOOO, a close affiliate of Wanda Group and one half of Surf Kill with Cupp Cave, drops his Astro:Dynamics debut with his first release since 2011's Vvideo Hair' LP. Since locating from Belgium to South London, his sound has been stripped back from the bleached-out boogie and warped dancefloor textures of his previous effort - instead turning to a more considered synthetic approach that feels ultra-futuristic at the same time as being seeped in nostalgia. The songs on the record range from trance-induced ambient to epic and melodic experiments topped off with a remix from the Norwegian-born contemporary artist turned experimental musician, Lars T C F Holdhus.