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Alis - Things Next Door
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Things Next Door


Released: 3rd February 2014 | 4 track bleep ep

Mastered on reel-to-reel by Tri Angle Records' Vessel, dubbed onto white C30 cassettes with printed on-body sticker and printed j-card with fold.

Sabina Plamenova first began releasing records as Subeena on Imminent/Immigrant Recordings (the label run with fellow producer Dot) and later for Planet Mu (alongside Jamie Woon and Sa-Ra's Om'Mas Keith on the heavily underrated 'Solidify' 12). In 2010 she branched out with her own label Opit Records on which she released a string of genre-defying singles as well as other artists such as the Portico Quartet electronic side-project Circle Traps and Kentucky-based Milyoo. Then operating under this Alis moniker, 2013 saw her drop the 'Azimuth' EP for London's acclaimed Don't Be Afraid label (backed up with a remix from Crème Organization's D'Marc Cantu) on which her sound was tightened and primed for the dancefloor whilst maintaining her inimitable melodic approach.

Sabina has appeared on our label previously, contributing the track 'Rakeeh' to our inaugural various artists compilation at the turn of the decade, though the music contained on this release bears little resemblance to her previous output... Following the purchase of a loop-pedal with the intention of incorporating it into her live-set, she subsequently took with her it on a trip to Sofia. Being in an unfamiliar place with little to do led her experiment with a series of one-take experiments with the new bit of kit, taking the element which she has grappled with incorporating into her previous works and using it as the element with which to create and layer a track - her own vocal. She describes the process she went through in the making of these tracks as creatively liberating, giving her music a greater level of personality and intimacy in contrast to the previous more studio-orientated environment.

A few minor edits here and there, and voila, we give you Things Next Door - Plamenova's 4 track long collection of vocal loop experiments, or the story of one person's series of lonely hours in Bulgaria's capital city with little to do but create for creations sake.