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Nenado - Your Sketch
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Your Sketch


Released: 17th March 2014 | 7 track bleep album

Astro:Dynamics continue their run of form in 2014 by following releases from Alis and Vaghe Stelle with the debut release from the ever elusive Rasul Gafarov's Nenado moniker.

Based in central Russia, Rasul has previously appeared on an erratic flow of 12s under the name Lenta - including split 12s with Software's Huerco S on the Other Heights label, and Ahu (the house/techno side project of Touch's Sohrab) on Iran's Shahr Farang label, and has performed rare shows at the likes of acclaimed Moscow club ARMA17. Whilst his work as Lenta is undoubtedly skewed towards a stripped-back dancefloor aesthetic, his penchant for collisions of ambient experimentation and wayward rhythms is something that translates nicely into his creations as Nenado on this 7 track suite. 'Your Sketch' was written over 3 years, and incorporates Rasul's expansive archive of field recordings within these understated and fragile loop-centric meditations - from the Shackleton-esque 'Hari Hari', to the vocal grunts and cracks/pops of 'Internal Dialogue'.