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E*Rock - The Clock & The Mountain
CD Album
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The Clock & The Mountain

Audio Dregs Recordings

Released: 4th June 2012 | 12 track ambient album

E*ROCK is an artist and musician who lives in Portland, Oregon, where he runs the record labels AUDIO DREGS and FRYK BEAT. Although his new album, THE CLOCK & THE MOUNTAIN comes nearly a decade after 2003's CONSCIOUS, E*Rock has been no stranger to music: touring North America and Vietnam with RATATAT (E*Rock's brother E*Vax is half of Ratatat), performing solo across Europe and Japan, creating animated music videos for everyone from BECK to THE GOSSIP, YACHT and MOON DUO, producing albums, remixes and album covers, and DJing constantly -- not to mention performing in far too many damaged one-off performative bands.

Leaving the bucolic sounds of earlier E*Rock releases, THE CLOCK & THE MOUNTAIN hits hard.

While not standard dance floor material, this album ventures into mysterious outer reaches of psych-infused electro, fierce upbeat bangers and arpeggiated analog synth moods that makes for a diverse, yet cohesive and strangely refreshing listen.