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Melodium - The Island


The Island

Audio Dregs Recordings

Released: TBC | 11 track ambient album

The Island is Melodium's fourth album for Audio Dregs in the past decade, recorded on (and dedicated to) the Island of Oleron, off the coast of France. It continues to hone the twinkling acoustic/electronic melodies and lopsided rhythms that tumble like a large egg down a grassy hill. This time around Melodium has seamlessly merged the cool jet stream of his vulnerable vocal pop side with warm instrumental passages for an album that floats between waves of orchestral strings and fingerpicking guitar. An impressive and intimate collection of songs, both breezy and heavy, bright yet brooding, for an effect that is dramatic while still being understated.

Melodium is the moniker of Laurent Girard, a prolific electronic musician from Nantes, France with an obsession for melodies. Weaving bits of guitar, piano, synthesizer, flute or bits of voice and texture to create patterns in sound and small personal soundtracks that are somber, while retaining a feeling of sunny optimism. Basking in golden waves of sound with rough hewn edges, Melodium is dreamy and melancholic while simultaneously warm and upbeat.