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Ultra-Modern Art - Absolute Before Obsolete

Ultra-Modern Art

Absolute Before Obsolete

Art Edit

Released: 2nd September 2016 | 3 track techno single


Ultra-Modern Art is a pseudonym of Scott E. Hodgson, electronic composer and co-founder of Beau Monde records. This was used as vehicle to move away from the darker and more moody techno releases under the Scott Edward name, and into the area of more optimistic, electronic sounding experiences; the kind that he first explored on Scott Edward's own ambient LP Distant Horizons. This avenue was also inspired by retro computing, video games and particularly the film Tron. And so, these ingredients all came together, to provide yet another stylistic side line.


Part of the Art Edit Studio Master Tapes series.

Previously seen commercial release as - Absolute Before Obsolete 12 Single Beau Monde BM001 1995

AER track versions are a 2016 Art Edit Remaster