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Lexx - Blue Panic


Blue Panic

Art Edit

Released: 2nd September 2016 | 2 track techno single


Lexx was pseudonym used by Scott E. Hodgson, electronic composer and co-founder of Beau Monde records. With only a single commercial release under this name, Scott saw this as a slightly more commercial outlet in the Tech House/ Deep House field. Blue Panic gained many dance floor fans during its short life. Scott always aimed to return to the Lexx project for further releases but it never happened until now.


Part of the Art Edit Studio Master Tapes series.

Previously seen commercial release as-Blue Panic 12 Single (Beau Monde - BM003) 1996

AER track versions are a 2016 Art Edit Remaster

"Scott Edward with a wildly-inspired groove which, along with the GlasgowUnderground record, proves that the young guns this side of the Atlantic are rising to the challenge thrown down by Cajmere and the Releif crew."
Stephen Cameron, Generator
"On 'Blue Panic' he takes the basslines, handclaps and riffs of Sylvester and Georgio Moroder, rewiring them into a groovy slice of soft techno. Most excellent."
Tony Marcus, NME