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Majic-12 - The Last Battle


The Last Battle

Art Edit

Released: 2nd September 2016 | 2 track electro-funk single


The Majic-12 were formed as an imaginary and legendary breakdance crew from Detroit USA. The original releases even sited that they were recorded at Decoy Studios Detroit MI, but this was all part of the fiction and were in fact all recorded by Scott E. Hodgson, Electronic Composer and co-founder of Beau Monde records, at Art Edit Studio. Inspired by what might be considered the earliest attempt to revisit the short lived electro genre since the 80's by Scott Edwards Robot:Robot track on the Man Machine EP. The Majic-12 name was used to fuel Scott's interest in the exploration of both retro and forward looking tracks to fulfil the destiny he felt the genre deserved, before it was mutated into and overtaken by early hip-hop.


Part of the Art Edit Studio Master Tapes series.

Previously seen commercial release as-The Last Battle 12 Single (Beau Monde - BM004) 1996

AER track versions are a 2016 Art Edit Remaster

"Sweet Jesus - I've been hoping someone would post this for years. A stone-cold nu electro classic and no mistake."
*****, Fan Blog
"A lost wee gem, which I'd completely forgotten about until spotting it just there. Go check it oot…"
*****, Fan Blog
"A long rumbling electro breakdown at the beginning makes this a gem, especially when it slams into breakbeat balminess and shady acid oblivion"
Joanne Wain, Melody Maker
"the single side of computerised beats and badness should suit you just fine. Rock Steady Are You Ready?"
Black Market, Mix Mag