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All Good Neighbourhood Alliance - Night Owl Remixes EP

All Good Neighbourhood Alliance

Night Owl Remixes EP


Released: 31st May 2010 | 9 track funky house ep
In this wonder twin moment, Homebreakin Records (home to Neighbour) and Funk Weapons (home to All Good Funk Alliance) combine forces to release these hot shot remixes of cuts by Neighbour in collaboration with talented lyricist Think Tank. Neighbour is becoming well known for his future boogie-meets-discofunk sound and this young cat can cut a mean beat and lace it with the craziest bass this side of Pluto. Think Tank's vocal style is retro but his lyrics and thoughts are anything but. When he decides to do party rhymes Think Tank can sound like one of the members of some early-80's NY rap group transported into the future. The duo's eclectic collaborations have been reworked and remixed here to create one of these labels' most diverse releases yet. Fans of Funk Weapons and Homebreakin might be a little surprised by these tracks as they are big departures from the originals and the core Funk Weapons sound. The label liked the fact that they might find audiences that the first EP did not reach. First up you'll find a mix of Night Owl by Zoe's Raygun, a funky cosmic project of Community Recordings' Jon Nezda. This project aims to explore the boundaries of space and dance by combining the twisted percussive flavors of early Community Recordings with the trippy effects of the sci-fi world. This remix contains some amazing bass and funky-synth work over Think Tanks party style flow. Next you'll find All Good Funk Alliance pushing things to the extreme with their Rave Level 9 Remix of Photosynth. It's something for those 4 AM moments when you want something heavy yet with a bit of depth. KidGusto is on hand for a wild take on Get Up, a full body work-over with some glitchy dance-hall beats, pulsating bass and deep chords. KidGusto continues to make waves with his innovative expeditions into the worlds of rhythm and melody. Lastly, French breaks maestro Maelstrom was asked to retool Photosynth in a style similar to his Beat Police cut which the Funk Weapons crew were big fans of. Dipping a toe into the 'fidget' pool his mix features a prominent acidic bassline and floor-filling percussion. Great tracks! I really like both of the Photosynth mixes. Ken Jordan The Crystal Method Solid stuff, great remix selection. KidGusto mix is a very close second for my favorite. Thanks!! Mike Battaglia (mikebee)KUSF FM (Friday Night Session) / Amoeba Records Nice ol' school flavors, many thanks for the promo! Matthew Chicoine (Recloose) Cool stuff...really diggin Zoe's mix though for the deep disco dancefloor action. Pete Ballotta (Sneak-E Pete)