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Debtonate - Human Race EP
12" Vinyl
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Human Race EP


Released: 22nd September 2008 | 4 track breaks single
Eddie Noon and James Reid whom make up the group Debtonate sent us with a track called Human Race a couple of months ago. We took the tune out and tested it on all sorts of crowds, and we were blown away by the positive response. We were already big fans of the Eddie's other group project called Random Heroes, especially the track Roll Call, which harked back to all those great Lesson's tracks. Debtonate have a unique production style, we like that they takes simple elements and makes them elegant yet funky which keeps the tracks interesting all the way through. The title track Human Race is a 130bpm barrage of swinging breaks, chunky guitar, tons of interesting vocals and great filter work. This track just kills for peak-time sets and it's one of those rare tracks that can match the high energy of the more banging electro stuff. The second track, Party Packer takes a slower pace, and has some cool electro elements which are perfect for those poppers and lockers out there. On the flip, we enlisted the help of our good pal Neighbour, whom takes the track in a more disco-house route. He slows the whole jam down, and really works the guitar in and out with his signature squiggly bass sound. Dj Love, provides the final remix, where he keeps the tempo banging and bringing in a bit more classic American break-beat flavor to the mix. We like his use of tension which really makes his remix breath a bit before rocking out. For further info contact /
"Slick and on point, just what you need to get the party started."
Cal Bass, Homebreakin Records