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Calagad13 - Get on Down EP
12" Vinyl
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Get on Down EP


Released: 29th September 2008 | 4 track breaks ep
Calagad13 hails from Spain and has been doing the funky break-beats sort of thing for a while now. He has released quite a few b-boy jams for different labels, laid down scratches and edits for likeminded producers and has been producing hip hop beats for various artists for a while now. His sound is very sample heavy, but he somehow manages to take those samples and use them in a fresh and interesting ways. He sent us a couple of different cuts, and we picked 4 songs that best represented our vision for the label, we hope you will enjoy these tracks as much as we do. Get on Down, the title track is a boogie-funk number with some familiar samples and silky smooth keys that keep the track flowing. The second track 2 the Streets goes down south for some Miami style lyrics over some ill breaks and inventive edits making for an interesting juxtaposition. On the flip we start of with Fonky Feeling, which is the most up-front funk song in the package. The whole song is very 80's P-Funkish, full of soulful vocals and nice production making for a really full sounding song. Finally we end off with The Dragon, which is another b-boy cut like 2 the Streets which will mos def catch the roof on fire of any party it's dropped at.
"Funky B-Boy Breaks never sounded so dope ....Funk Weapons and Calagad13...what an alliance !.... too fresh!"
The Breakbeat Junkie, Good Groove, BIBB
"Another set of dance floor killers!"
Ursula 1000, ESL
"Dope, nice one!"
Ali B, Air, Fabric