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Dr Delay - Detritus EP
12" Vinyl
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Dr Delay

Detritus EP


Released: 23rd March 2009 | 4 track downtempo single
Since his last solo release in 2006, Brooklyn's Doc Delay has found himself working on a variety of projects for other artists including last year's remixes for Spoon's 'Don't You Evah' EP and his recent work with Prodigy of Mobb Deep fame. In addition to these and other production credits, Delay has released five critically acclaimed DJ mixes over the past three years, one of which was nominated for a plug award. 'Detritus' represents Doc's return to the role of producer, composer and arranger. From dancefloor heat to headphone burners, it's all here. Proof that Delay continues to keep his listeners on their toes.